RIP Cricket IPL: No Cricket, Just Entertainment

Indian Premier League (IPL) which launched in 2008 under the banner of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Today we can call it a product of BCCI, that’s why I termed it as “Banner” in previous sentence. This platform launched in 2008 with the intentions to make it a platform for unknown Indian players to rise and allow them to play with national and international players, but with time it is now focusing on only marketing, brand value and money-making.

IPL auction is just finished yesterday, when you look at the auction list you found that how money spent on players. The main focus during the complete auction was the star value of player and ego of franchises instead of performance and cricket.


Yuvraj Singh who gets the record bid of 16 Cr by Delhi Daredevils. If we look at his performance in current times he doesn’t even deserve that big amount. Last year RCB brought him in 14 Cr and not performed up to his worth. In between his poor form cost him his place in Indian Test, ODI and T20 teams because of his poor form.

Why Yuvi got that big amount? I think because of his star value and the sentiments which he receives just after his exclusion from world cup squad. No one can deny his slow batting in last t-20 world cup final which is one of the main reasons of India’s defeat. Dinesh Karthik received the bid of 10.5 Cr by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). I don’t think that even RCB have any reason, why they bought him with such big amount? Dinesh Karthik played worthless for Daredevils last year who purchased him in 12 Cr.

The t-20 specialist player Eoin Morgan just got 1.5 Cr. bid just because his lack of popularity in Indian fans. Hashim Amla who is one of the top batsmen of current time (Even better than Virat Kohli) went unsold with the base price of just 2 Cr. only. This is the best example of what IPL stands for Cricket or Brand Value. The same goes for the players like Ross Taylor, Kumar Sangakkara, Luke Ronchi, Pankaj Singh, Ashok Maneria, Venugopal Rao and many more.

We can say that some Indian player got good prices but most of them went unsold. The importance in only given to star value and franchise ego fight not cricket and performance. We can say that IPL is transforming itself rapidly in last few years. The cricket is becoming secondary and the focus is shifting towards entertainment, money-making and marketing. May be this is one of the reason behind its corruption and fixing controversies.

The reason behind this is that once you purchased a franchise in IPL, you become free to run it by yourself. The cricket is running on the philosophy of “My Way or The Highway”. You are not accountable to either law of the government or BCCI. In recent time the situation bit changed after the intervention of Indian Court into two IPL teams but does it make any effect on it is still a question. The situation will not change until government or BCCI not make cricket franchise accountable for their investment, expenditure and income.

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