After Questions to Kejriwal Now Questions to BJP

Election of Delhi is now going through the question answer session now. BJP is keep asking questions to Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal. They asked 5 questions on 29th January and keep asking questions through various sources. The people who are asking questions himself don’t want to answer the questions raised to them by people of Delhi?

Questions to Kejriwal

Even the PM Narendra Modi is keep avoiding questions of media and people, he used to only give speeches not answer the questions. Almost all BJP leaders are known for avoiding question by saying that they will answer the questions by their work not through media. BJP leaders are strictly advised to be silent by their chief strategist Amit Shah. Some time when people and media went out of control than they divert their attention by bringing out a controversy or some breaking news and keep themselves away from their questions.

The party and person whom BJP asking questions already given the answers of these question various times even they are publicly apologized for some incidents. The leaders of Aam Aadmi are easily accessible by people and media including their top leaders. Now it’s time for BJP to answer the questions. We want to ask questions back to BJP on behalf of people of India.

Questions to BJP

Q.1 You Promised Ache Din to people. Why you didn’t fully benefited people when oil prices are coming down instead of rising taxes from time to time?

Q.2 You won the election on a secular India image. Why your party leaders are keep giving communal statement? Why not your top leaders are condemning Ghar Wapsi and Love Jihad openly instead run away from that just by saying “this is not party line”?

Q.3 You condemned Congress for Dynasty politics when your party also has lot’s of people whose all family is In BJP leadership. How you justify this? Example – Dushyant Singh S/o Vasundhara Raje(her sister also a minister), Pankaja Munde D/o Late Gopinath Munde, Abhishek S/o Raman Singh, Varun Gandhi S/o Maneka Gandhi,  Pankaj (Gen. Sec., BJP) S/o Rajnath Singh and many more a never-ending list.

Q.4 You won the election by keep advertising the Vadra land deal but still no action taken on that even state and central government are of BJP. Have you forgotten the booklet you launched “Damad Shree”?

Q.5 You said during election time that congress is running in centralized way by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. What you say about the dictatorship of Narendra Modi? No ministers have any power of decision-making? All decisions are taken by Modi-Amit Shah Jodi?

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