Delhi Next? Modi or Kejriwal!!

Chief Election Commission V.S. Sampath declared the dates for Delhi elections the question starts again “What in Delhi Next?” Both the political parties are already started their campaign with full power. I am saying both parties because congress in not looking anywhere in the scene yet. Even their Vice President Rahul Gandhi is looks like a non-effective leader to public.

Modi vs Kejriwal

As far as we look at campaigns of various political parties it seems like AAP is doing their campaigning at grass root level and their campaigning is based on their local volunteers. Yes they have their well-known face in front side Arvind Kejriwal but their main strength is their dedicated volunteer base. BJP still focused their campaign with the same face of PM Narendra Modi which is successful for them so far. But yet now they have won the states which are either held by Congress or by their ally, but this time they have a real personality test against Kejriwal.

Kejriwal who is termed as Anarchist by PM recently but the point he made against it is yes he I’m anarchist but not corrupt. The main gain for BJP so far is because that congress which is considered as most corrupt party in people’s mind. Kejriwal not have any charges of corruption. Yes, they do have some controversies like Somnath Bharti, Split in Party and latest currency distribution. They admitted most of their mistakes in public which is possibly good for them.

As of now BJP won’t have any face for Delhi election so the fight is between Kejriwal vs Modi. Former Union Minister and Congress GS Ajay Maken is the face of congress for this election. According to various surveys AAP and BJP both are having very close fight in national capital. That is the reason Modi projected himself as Proxy CM for Delhi.

AAP and BJP Social Media

There is another battle is also going on during this election which is social media battle. AAP social media team is very effective on that part. They have a very good social media team which is constantly working hard for them from earlier elections. Even today they are on top in twitter. Most of their hash tags are very effective and popular in trends for long time. BJP and Congress both needs to do lot of work on that part.

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