Delhi Don’t Need Dharna Anymore – Nupur Sharma (Exclusive Interview)

Nupur Sharma, a youth leader and challenger to Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi constituency. She was the president of DSUS president and Media co-in-charge of Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha. She is a young leader and lawyer by profession. First time she is fighting the election and the fight is against the Ex-CM of 49 days Arvind Kejriwal. While taking to Aditya Sharma she explained here vision about New Delhi and answer some tough questions.

Here the detailed exclusive interview of Nupur Sharma with Aditya Sharma.

Nupur Sharma

Aditya Sharma – You are fighting on BJP ticket, a party which is considered as political wing of RSS. RSS is considered as communal Hindu organization. What you want to say on that?

Nupur Sharma – RSS is ideological back support of BJP. We take lot of guidance from them. Whats wrong in that, it’s a nationalistic patriotic outfit. RSS is a registered NGO.

There is nothing communal in that.

Aditya – Kiran Bedi who just joined the party few days before and declared as a CM candidate of your party. Don’t you think it creates differences in the senior party leadership of Bhartiya Janta Party?

Nupur – These perceptions don’t make any sense. Senior party leaders of Delhi only welcomed her with warm arm. I don’t why you not focused on that event but welcomed her in Delhi State BJP office Panch Marg. It was so lousy and warm welcome that it was overwhelming. Having said that to lead the country we need people which are dedicated, able and those who actually work not who do “Dharna”.

Aditya – But Kiran Bedi was also assosiated with Dharna?

Nupur – There is a difference between that, she actually able to deliver the promises. There is a huge difference in doing work and doing “Dharna”.

Aditya – After various Assembly elections you finally declared your CM candidate not fighting with the only image of PM Narendra Modi. Is that to keep Modi in safe side that if you win credit goes to PM Narendra Modi and if lose then blame to Kiran Bedi?

Nupur – These are wild perceptions. These are the perceptions of Aam Aadmi Party. Those who say that there is no unalterable (Koi Patthar Ki Lakeer Nahi Hoti). They (AAP) better take care of their own organization, they can’t even handle their own party. They should not interfere in others matter. The founder members of Aam Aadmi Party are not supporting the party today. They are also saying Kiran Bedi for CM.

Aditya – You are fighting from the New Delhi constituency, fighting against Ex-CM Arvind Kejriwal. Is this your choice or party pressure that no one wants to fight from this sheet?

Nupur – I wanted it; I was born and brought up here. What is Mr. Kejriwal done here? He is does not even live here, he is from Ghaziabad. He has the habit to catch some big leaders and blame that leader. He always using someone else’s shoulder and fire the gun shots to gain popularity. What work he done? What he delivered to the people?

Aditya – Your party is going in this election without manifesto. Don’t you think that manifesto is a need of election or you only want to go with the blueprint presented by Kiran Bedi?

Nupur – Put manifesto in a side line and just tell me that Aam Aadmi Party who is coming with a new manifesto, did they delivered their previous one? They were a ruling party and they did not delivered the previous manifesto and again come up with a new one. I am asking them how they spent their MLA funds. They were all MLA’s for good 10-11 months.

Aditya – They shown public their MLA report cards and their expenditure of MLA funds and How can you expect a 49 days old government to deliver the full manifesto?

Nupur – Just forgot the 49 days they are MLA for 11 months. Dec.2013 to Oct. 2014 they were all MLA’s. Until the assembly dissolves they were all sitting MLA’s. They did not spend their MLA funds properly.

Aditya – What is your vision for the New Delhi constituency specially?

Nupur – New Delhi constituency is a place grow up, I born and brought up here continue to live here. It is home for Me. What I have in mind is, this constituency has very broad level of disparity and constituents here. There is Clusters, Slums, A Village also there, Government Staff Quarters are also there.

In this Cluster have 3 priority points here.

  1. There is lake of drinking water; water drainage problem is also there. There is no toilets, You are talking about UP, Bandayu but there is no toilets for girls in clusters. Why these 3 things are pending from last 17 years by MLA’s and government? This is my first question to them.
  2. When you come to the government class their job permanency is the major problem here. Why their jobs are not permanent here? I have to see this. I have to look that why their jobs are not permanent and raising up their permanency, how we can make it permanent and give them stability by relaxing the rules by immediate efforts.
  3. I will conduct a monthly meeting and sit with RWA member and resident by spending 2-3 hours with them and understand their problems and resolve them immediately. This is MLA’s work, MLA’s are not the councilors they are the lowest and local leader here. His work is to sit with the people listen to them and to solve their problem. This is not like you became the CM and forgot the constituency.

Aditya – At the end I just want to ask you that we are still fighting for Water which is the basic need. In a constituency like New Delhi which producing the CM from last 16 years. Don’t you think it is a matter of Shame for us?

Nupur – Yes, It is. What Congress and their sister Aam Aadmi Party did in 16 years, they made it even worse. Not only Delhi the whole country has this problem. Let’s get realistic; they are talking about subsidies, free water to poor people by putting more burdens on tax payers shoulders. Everything become expensive by this, did they explained it? They should stop doing politics based on lie. You are running a government not joke.

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