About the Ideas Breaking

Ideas Breaking is a try to give new and clear idea about the latest breaking news issues of the country. This is the platform with no restrictions of views. It is a try to break the ideas which are stuck in our minds from long time.

The views represent idea breaking are open to change if you have any views different to me you can contact me directly.

About the Author

Aditya Sharma is the author and owner of Idea Breaking.

I love to write about any topic which can give our mind a shocking view about the topic. I basically write about politicle class and diplomacy in the country but sometimes I do write about other topics such as sports, religion, entertainment and many other.

My views are my own but that doesn’t means that i disrespect others views. I do follow my views and respect others. If you have any other views you can sent me those on aditya.rome.sharma@gmail.com

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