Aam Aadmi Become Khaas Aadmi – Prof. Kiran Walia (Exclusive Interview)

Prof. Kiran Walia, Former Minister of Education, Social Welfare, Women and Child Development & Languages in Govt. of NCT Delhi. Prof. Kiran Walia is fighting from the most prestigious sheet of Delhi Legislative Assembly, The New Delhi constituency against Ex CM Arvind Kejriwal. Besides the Delhi Elections, She is also to fighting for the recovery of the congress party after several election failures at national and state level.

Here is her detailed interview with Aditya Sharma on Delhi elections.

Prof. Kiran Walia

Aditya Sharma – Your party considered as an underdog in this election. No one likes to bet on you for this election. The fight seems to be between AAP and BJP. What you want to say about that?

Prof. Kiran Walia – It’s an assumption. This is not a fact because who made us an underdog, it’s media who is projecting this for those people who are paid to media. Let’s there be very frank everybody know some money is coming to tell people stories like this. It’s like you pay the piper and you call the tune.


Aditya – You are saying that political parties are paying for this. Which party according to you is paying for this Bhartiya Janta Party or Aam Aadmi Party?

Prof. Kiran – Aam Aadmi Party was created by media and Mr. Modi was also created by media. Like suddenly you know a Gujrat Chief Minister becomes an international figure. However, I not want to comment too much on anybody’s persona but we all know that the survey reports without even BJP having put up their candidates in all the constituencies said that BJP is leading. Now do you not factoring the quality and persona of the candidates when you take out a survey report. I am sure that’s an issue, nobody knew that the BJP put-up their candidates last and survey reports are coming before.


Aditya – After various election failures it considered that your party is not even in fight in the Delhi elections. I know your party does not believe in elections surveys but, do you think that your party can improve in this election?

Prof. Kiran – Delhi Cantonment elections have already proved the mood of the people. We are the only party who improved in cantonment elections in Delhi just about a month ago.


Aditya – I agreed that you improved a bit but this is not much that you can win the majority or can make some huge effect in this election?

Prof. Kiran – No, the rest parties went down and percentage votes of us gone up. When the percentage of votes gone up, you please accept that it has gone up and others gone down. That is to some extent the correct reflection of people’s mood, unlike those surveys where the candidates are not even put up and surveys have been done.


Aditya – You are fighting against Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi constituency. He is an ex-CM. He defeated your 3 time CM Sheela Dixit and no one want to fight from this constituency. Is it you choice to fight from here or the party pressure?

Prof. Kiran – He is ex-CM for 49 days, I want to clarify that. Party wanted me to fight the Mayor and I am more than happily agreed because there was this desire in me waiting for some time that I stand for certain kind of politics and that Mr. Kejriwal is good for politics of deception and disengagement with pubic while clamming that he is “Aam Aadmi” but he actually became more a more a “Khas Aadmi” and several things I don’t agree with that kind of politics. He is responsible for imposing the election again on Delhi and imposing too much expenditure on election because this is the way he left his government all the schemes totally been awaited and even the Aam Aadmi schemes are now suffering because of this “Khaas Aadmi”.


Aditya – Whom do you consider that you are fighting against either the Aam  Aadmi Party or BJP or it’s a triangular fight in New Delhi constituency?

Prof. Kiran – I am fighting my own fight. Who decides the triangular, who decides the two, who decides what? I am fighting a fight and I am going to the people, it’s a people’s verdict it is true whatever it is.

Too often was your assessments were wrong, therefore let the people decide it’s just about a week away and everybody would know. Yes, I am getting support of the people.


Aditya – Do you think it is a right thing that going into the elections without declaring the CM candidate?

Prof. Kiran – We have always admired to the policy of chief ministerial candidate to be decided by congress legislative party the CLP.


Aditya – After various election failures finally Rahul Gandhi jumped into the campaigning in Delhi election. BJP President Amit Shah said that I want more Rahul Gandhi rallies. What you want to say about that?

Prof. Kiran – We don’t want any advice from Mr. Amit Shah; He is a one who said that “We have selected a sheet for Mrs. Kiran Bedi because that’s a safe sheet.” That means himself acknowledges that other sheets are not safe for Bhartiya Janta Party.


Aditya – After the Revolt against Rahul Gandhi by ex congress member Jayanti Natrajan, Do you think that affects the Delhi elections?

Prof. Kiran – No, I don’t know everything that Mrs. Natrajan said how much of it is true. Unless one knows about it I will not comment upon it. It is her personal thing and you know that anybody who made allegations to be proven before I comment on it.


Aditya – At last I want to ask you about your vision for New Delhi constituency?

Prof. Kiran – It is a constituency where so many government servant plus many servant quarters, there are Dhobi Ghat. It’s an amalgam of various levels of society and they all have different issues that need to be addressed and I am addressing them all for all section of society and we have to take those which are left behind in development and progress along the people do not suffer after the congress party went and Bhartiya Janta Party regime and Aam Aadmi Party regime. There is a dhobi ghat which was 60-year-old was and that has been broken, 30 families are laying outside on the road. We believe in inclusive growth and inclusive development with a human face. I think that whole Delhi should improve in a better way.

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